fusernoun a loyal member of the peoplefusion family who has a great attitude and a passion for what they do

We respect that looking and applying for jobs can be stressful. Or if you're considering a career change, that you may have lots of questions about what to expect. We're passionate about the role we can play during these times.  

And it's why our Recruitment Specialists take the time to get to know you. As a Fuser you will be:

an individual

You're more than your CV; we want to know what makes you tick – are there particular values that appeal to you, a style of workplace culture that you thrive in or any other details which might make you the right candidate for our client?


We don’t try to mind read; we will actively listen to your expectations and give you an honest assessment of where you are placed in the market. 


We keep you up-to-date every step of the way even if it’s simply to let you know that the client hasn’t made a decision – if it’s Friday, we won’t leave you hanging over the weekend!

Via our blog Fuser News, we also give you insights into the job market, recruitment info we think might interest you, as well as advice whether you're a candidate looking for work or if you're in your dream job but still interested in current trends.


That we are working to find you the right job, not just a job. Our Recruitment Specialists do not work for individual commissions which means candidate details are shared and matched against all suitable opportunities.


Our candidates are equal partners with us and our clients and this ‘three-way street’ is the best way to get results. And the relationship doesn’t end once you’ve been placed.

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temp payroll

peoplefusion uses a secure, encrypted online payroll system which ensures your data is as secure as your online banking. Once you are successful at gaining a temporary position with peoplefusion you will be emailed a login to this portal where you will be able to manage your own personal data 24/7 including banking and superannuation details, our Employee Handbook and Fair Work Information Statement, other policies and procedures, as well as submit your timesheet.

As a peoplefusion Temp you also have an opportunity to make a tax deductible donation to a charity of your choice via your weekly pay. This is entirely voluntary and at the end of the financial year you will receive a statement detailing your donations which you can then lodge as a tax deduction. You can read more about the local charities that are close to our heart here.

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"peoplefusion is what you always hope a recruitment agency will be like. They have the 3 Ps covered: proactive, positive and it's all about people. Highly recommended"

- Georgina

"From my first dealing with peoplefusion I was always made to feel as though I was a very valued part of their team and that they appreciate my work"

- Karen