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Your employment advisors

peoplefusion partners with fellow local leaders in workplace services, Skildare and Osborn Law, to create Workplace HQ. Together, we provide a centralised source of specialised recruitment, human resources and employment law expertise. We recognise these specialist areas often overlap, and when you’re busy running a business it can be difficult to know where your need for one service finishes and another begins. As a collaboration, we are your end-to-end employment service specialists.

Ask us about our Business Health Check. 

Find out more via the Workplace HQ website or Facebook page.


Supporting those close to our hearts

Ali and Sally grew up streets apart in East Maitland and knew each other as kids at the same school. With such a strong connection to the region, they are passionate about giving back to the causes that are close to their hearts through financial support and volunteering.

Organisations we currently support include:



Since 2007, peoplefusion has donated 10% of annual profit to local charities.