How engaging a recruiter can take your career from credible to incredible in 2021

over 3 years ago by Amy King

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I am sometimes surprised to meet people who are unaware of the benefits of engaging with a recruitment agency, or perhaps don’t know how we operate and how to go about engaging with us, so I thought what better time than now when some of you may find yourselves in the market due to the tumultuous year that 2020 has been and could benefit from some help with your next career move.


We get to know you – it is our job to find out what motivates you and what your career aspirations are. For a career change to be successful you need the right company culture to thrive in, a great recruiter will get to understand what your career goals are and what environment brings out the best in you. 


We help you stand out from the crowd. Currently employers are bogged down trawling through hundreds of CV’s on Seek which makes it hard to shine through. However, when our clients engage us, we provide them with a shortlist of our top 3-4 candidates for each role. We take the time to profile you and all your unique selling points, so our clients are seeing more than “just a piece of paper”


Access to intelligence (Recruiters are a bit like detectives!) We spend a large portion of our time meeting with prospective employers, taking position briefs and interviewing candidates. This means we know lots about different businesses company cultures, growth projections, progression opportunities and company perks. We can help you determine which organisation would be best for you to pursue, and the ones you might be best to steer clear of!

We can offer you coaching. Things like CV layout, interview tips, as well as providing feedback from unsuccessful applications to help your future applications.


Although 2020 has been a challenging year, some industries are booming, companies are hiring, and we are in the position to be able to introduce you to them! If you are an experienced Office Administration or Accounting Professional give us a call to see how we can help your career today!