How to partner with your recruiter to get results

almost 8 years ago by Sally Bartley

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Like all healthy relationships, that of candidate and recruiter is at its best when it is open and honest. Communication is the key.

We respect that you're more than your CV; our Recruitment Specialists will take the time to get to know what makes you tick so that they can match you with engaging work that fits your skills, experience and career aspirations. Because we want to find you the right job, not just a job.

Apart from the obvious info such as qualifications, work history, salary expectations and the types of roles you are interested in, we also want to know if there are particular values that appeal to you, a style of workplace culture that you thrive in or any other details which may make you the right candidate for one of our clients (because this isn't always the candidate who looks the best on paper). Take a wish list of companies or organisations you would like to work with and discuss with your recruiter why they appeal to you.

It’s equally important for you to identify if there is a particular environment that hasn’t worked for you in the past or if there are aspects of a role you’re qualified for but no longer have a desire to do. And don’t wait until you have been offered a role to disclose that you have a holiday booked, it’s in everyone’s best interests if you proactively volunteer this information.

Keep in touch and update your details as they change, for example, if you’ve taken a short contract, if your salary expectations have shifted or if you have a new phone number or email address. Or even if you previously knocked back a role and since regretted it – don’t miss out on another opportunity because you feel embarrassed by a past decision. Let us know!

In return, we will actively listen to your expectations and give you an honest assessment of where you are placed in the market. We will respect that looking and applying for jobs is stressful and commit to keeping you informed, even if it’s simply to let you know that the client hasn’t made a decision – if it’s Friday, we won’t leave you hanging over the weekend.

We consider our candidates to be equal partners with us and our clients and this “three-way street” is the best way to get results.

Visit our Candidates page for more information on how we will work with you.

Top 5 tips for how to partner with your recruiter to get results

  1. Be open and honest about your expectations from the start

  2. Keep in touch

  3. Update your details when they change

  4. Don’t be embarrassed by past decisions

  5. Check in with your career goals and act on them!