Jackie Barnes

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Over 10 years ago, Jackie Barnes came to us looking for a flexible temp work opportunity that would allow her to work when she chose to and take time away if needed.

Jackie was very versatile and open to discussing all ideas that were brought to her attention. We knew that Administration/Office Support temping would be the perfect fit for her to give her the work-life balance she was seeking.

Jackie thoroughly enjoyed the freedom that temp work had to offer, which allowed her the opportunity to travel. Since then, we have placed her 33 times!

Jackie says, “I can’t remember why I chose peoplefusion – it’s so long ago since I started with them.  Perhaps that’s an answer within itself – I never left!  Every member of peoplefusion has always supported me and had my best interests at heart. They have always treated me as a part of their team.”

The benefits of Jackie taking on the opportunity of becoming a career temp allowed her to diversify her skill set, resulting in being a desired candidate in her field.

We were able to offer Jackie a variety of short-term opportunities with reputable organisations that helped bolster her CV. We maintained an ‘out of the box’ approach with some positions being a little left of field, however offering additional skills.

Jackie built a wonderful reputation, and our clients would approach us to see if she was available for support assignments.

The relationship we have developed with her over the years has meant a clear focus on Jackie’s needs and wants. Our connections to businesses throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley have also meant there was never of shortage of assignments for Jackie.

Fast forward to today and we are extremely pleased to say that we have successfully placed Jackie in a permanent part-time opportunity within the Community Services sector. Jackie was overjoyed to say the least!

“I was offered a permanent position which I accepted… peoplefusion have helped me find my perfect placement. Hopefully I don’t have to use their services again, however, given the future is unpredictable, should things change, I would most definitely get in touch with their team.”

If you’re looking for a little more work-life balance, contact us to discuss how a temp work opportunity might suit you.