Specialised recruitment in a resurgent city

almost 5 years ago by Warwick Bartley

Engineering & Projects Blog

With the recent upswing of investment in the Hunter region and numerous infrastructure-related roles presently on offer in the local job market, large employers are increasingly on the lookout for specialised talent. 

And specialised talent – particularly in the areas of engineering, technical, supply chain and operations – can be harder to find than many think. The result is that many companies require specialised help to search out the best candidates in niche fields and bring them to the hiring table. 

Welcome back Waz  

One of our most accomplished recruiters in this area is Warwick Bartley, Recruitment Specialist and Brand Ambassador at peoplefusion. A long-time recruitment specialist, Warwick’s skills are highly sought after due to high demand from clients in the engineering, projects and supply chain space, and the return to confidence this area of the market is enjoying.  

“People are really noticing the geographical nature of this amazing city,” says Warwick when asked to comment about the increased demand. “Newcastle has so much to offer in relation to location, infrastructure and the relative ease of accessing major centres of interest in NSW.”  

With $6.5 billion in infrastructure and $2 billion in private development projects planned or underway, the city is a construction zone (The Urban Developer, 2018). It’s a perfect storm of lifestyle promise for candidates and growing commercial opportunities for our clients, which means that Warwick – or Waz to his friends – is back on the team to manage peoplefusion’s Engineering, Projects & Supply Chain divisions.  

“This city appeals on so many levels. The view is that is a growing business and social hub with a clean, modern twist that continues to embrace its heritage.” 

Sure hands are sure hard to find 

It also means that, for employers, sourcing difficult-to-find talent has become even more pressing.  

“One of the primary challenges employers find in filling specialist roles is that the prospective candidates aren’t highly active in the job market,” Warwick observes. “That’s where specialist recruiters become vital. Our ability to identify and engage with skilled, quality candidates is made possible through our extensive networks and relationships, both business and personal.” 

And for candidates, having trust in their recruiter is essential in bringing about the initial conversations that can lead to them being open to new offers.     

“Absolute transparency and a commitment to the best outcomes are key in bringing the best talent to the negotiating table,” Warwick asserts. “Specialist recruiters have to understand what drives the candidate, while understanding what the clients’ non-negotiable requirements are.” 

That’s where we can help 

As for what makes peoplefusion stand out from other recruitment firms, Warwick’s answer boils it down to one thing: a genuine passion for positive outcomes. “Our desire is to provide long term solutions that not only enhance the careers of our candidates, but that help successful organisations seamlessly grow and prosper in the ever-changing and evolving economic environment.”  

Are you an experienced specialist looking for a new challenge, or a hiring manager in the technical and engineering space with a specialist-sized gap in your roster? Talk to peoplefusion and let our experienced team of recruitment specialists like Warwick help guide you to a mutually successful future.