How I’ve used a step challenge to increase my HR fitness

over 6 years ago by Wendy Donovan

Female Runner And Steps

My new obsession is combining the science of exercise with the science of human resources. But instead of the 10,000+ steps I aim for on my pedometer, I’ve settled on the magic number of nine when it comes to increasing my HR fitness.

Now when I lace up for a run outdoors or on the treadmill, I’ve got either a podcast or a blog on the latest global trends and game-changing HR ideas ready to go.

Here’s my go-to list of worthy content.

HBR Ideacast

A weekly podcast from Harvard Business Review that features leading thinkers in business and management, covering topics from productivity to negotiation to ethics in the office. What I like about it even more - each episode is under 20 minutes (perfect for my post-workout coffee fix)!

The LEADx Leadership Show

Kevin Kruse, New York Times bestselling author of Employee Engagement 2.0, interviews the world’s top leadership experts and business executives. This five-day a week podcast, ends each episode with a listener challenge. A recent episode entitled Make your Team Smarter with Liz Wiseman, discusses how managers, without even knowing it can be diminishing the talent around them, which has a huge impact on employee engagement. Liz discusses the five key characteristics that are key to getting greater engagement with your team.

The Recruiting Future Podcast – Innovation in HR

This weekly podcast is dedicated to innovation and futurology in recruitment and HR. Matt Alder, British author of Exceptional Talent, interviews thought leaders and practitioners who are influencing and changing the industry. A recent episode with Jez Langhorn, Senior HR Director at McDonalds in the USA, discusses how they are using Snapchat for recruitment campaigns whilst sharing their vision of the future utilising virtual reality and holograms.

HR Director

A fantastic generalist website, full of resources as well as some great forums on specific HR topics, and interviews with influential leaders and thinkers recorded for HRD TV. For those of you involved in industrial relations issues, there is also a great legal section to keep your finger on the pulse.


TLNT is hard to ignore and is your go-to website for “the business of HR.” Although American based, it has broadly applicable resources from the basics through to advanced topics. TLNT deals with recruiting, management training, benefits, technology and more. This is definitely worth a peak, as this blog is the top socially-shared HR blog with more than 50,000 “shares” on various social sites, with heaps of archived info on any aspect of HR.

HRM Online

This is the content site for the AHRI – Australian Human Resource Institute, which has a diversified set of resources including opinion pieces, specialist HR, legal, and strategic HR articles and vlogs.

The Savage Truth

With a career spanning four decades, Greg Savage’s straight-shooting (and humorous) approach has seen him become a trusted advisor and respected voice to the global recruitment and professional services industries. Greg’s blog called The Savage Truth and vlog called Sixty Savage Seconds, provide advice in a brief, easily digestible format.

The HR Bartender

Sharlyn Lauby started her blog some years ago with the ambition to create a friendly place for discussion of workplace issues. Her blog is recognised for its practical content and casual tone, releasing new content 3-4 times a week. Some of its most popular subjects deal with how to be a better supervisor and leader, employee engagement and career advice. Apart from the HR legislation topics, most of the generalist topics are translatable to the Australian working environment.

SEEK Insights and Resources

SEEK’s blog is a little gem of recruitment and talent acquisition updates. Here you will find the latest on salary trends, as well as detailed research into what candidates are looking for. They also recently launched a Laws of Attraction podcast.