temp and contract recruitment

Our team of dedicated and highly-skilled temps, many of whom have been a loyal part of the peoplefusion family for a number of years, can cover a range of vacancies, whether it's a three-hour shift, one-day assignment, holiday leave or longer term contract.

Temp appointments enable our clients to be nimble and for candidates they offer variety and flexibility.

peoplefusion uses a secure, encrypted online payroll system for temp appointments that is convenient for candidates and which managers can access 24/7 to approve timesheets.

permanent recruitment

Our tailored approach to permanent recruitment allows us to map the market, conduct site visits to gauge workplace culture, undertake extensive interviewing (phone and face-to-face), detailed reference checking and psychometric testing before we present candidates as part of a shortlist.

This approach is the secret to our 97% success rate of recruits staying in roles for more than 12 months (in fact, many candidates placed over the past decade have become clients!).

our guarantee

The success rate for permanent recruitment was the inspiration behind our industry first, 12-month placement guarantee. We're so confident that we recruit right, every time that we will re-recruit a role free of charge on the odd occasion that a candidate does not perform as expected within a 12 month period (unlike the industry standard of three months). This also provides greater peace of mind for clients, allowing time to assess, develop and invest in new recruits.

our terms of business

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment. Our proposals are drafted to reflect the discussions had about a role so that both parties can be comfortable with the reasons we have recommended a particular approach. 

Depending on the role, the industry and the market we will discuss with you the most suitable fee structure within your budget, such as a three-stage approach based on initial commencement, short list and offer, or upon commencement of employment. 

contact us to discuss our terms of business

psychometric assessment and skills testing

Where required peoplefusion engages Revelian or OPRA Group, experienced and highly-respected providers of testing tools to provide additional insights into candidates' aptitude, culture fit, personality, emotional intelligence, skills, resilience, role fit, engagement, behaviour and propensity for risk. This is done via online questionnaires which are assessed by qualified psychologists and the results are provided to you. For certain management positions we may recommend this as an essential component of the recruitment process.

candidate pipeline

We can help you reduce the time it takes to fill roles by maintaining a 'warm pipeline' of qualified candidates for you to select from. One of the benefits of working with us is that we will proactively identify a candidate we think would be the perfect fit your organisation regardless of whether you have a current vacancy. That way you don't lose an opportunity to consider exceptional talent because you're not actively monitoring the job market.

remuneration and benefits reviews

Being alert to the market is key and we can provide advice on current industry salary standards and trends, as well as candidate expectations, to ensure you stay within your budget but not at the expense of finding the best person for your role. 

exit interviews and employee outplacement

How a business manages redundancy can significantly affect its reputation, not to mention the wellbeing of a transitioning employee. Our professional and individually tailored outplacement program provides participants with strategic career advice and practical assistance such as resume editing and interview techniques. In addition to the outplacement program, participants are assigned to a peoplefusion Recruitment Specialist who can provide additional assistance as they re-enter the job market.

Our outplacement program is led by peoplefusion Director Sally Bartley who is an industry mentor through the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association's PEARL program.

workforce planning

peoplefusion can work with you to align your staffing needs to your strategic plan, help prepare you for busy periods or projects and assist you in controlling labour costs by ensuring you have the right people in place at the right time. We can also provide advice on how to retain your current team. 

​internal recruitment coaching

Across the peoplefusion team we have more than 50 years' recruitment experience. Our industry-specific training modules will assist your inhouse recruitment/HR team to develop essential skills, establish best practice and align internal recruitment processes with your broader strategic plan. 

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