Wendy Donovan

Recruitment Specialist


Human Resources Recruitment, Marketing & Sales Recruitment

Wendy is an experienced Operations Manager with a background in Sales, Marketing, Administration, Human Resources and Training. As a Business Consultant Wendy has been instrumental in facilitating major cultural change and providing HR solutions for small to large companies across many industries including finance, banking, medical, media and manufacturing. She successfully grew her own franchise business in the training industry, which quickly grew to 3500 corporate clients. She more recently helped establish a successful retail start-up successfully developing a national distribution. 

Wendy holds a Masters of Business Administration (Marketing & Economics) and a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) and brings to peoplefusion extensive practical experience in the specialisations in which she is recruiting.

Wendy is an Associate of the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association.

"Wendy is the only local recruitment contact that has taken the time to give me a call to see how I have been progressing on a consistent basis. It certainly makes a difference and I want to thank you Wendy for your kind consideration and interest in my employment. Outstanding." - Andy

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