We respect that the transition from studying to gaining employment can be stressful and that you may have lots of questions about what to expect. We're passionate about the role we can play during these times.  

At peoplefusion, we get to know you so we can match you with engaging work that fits your skills and experience.

We take the time to learn what motivates you, so we can best equip you to make the change you are looking for. We are so committed to the process that we don’t just stop after you are hired – we like to come out and see you, establish you are happy and help with any problem-solving that may be needed during initial settling-in periods.

peoplefusion is proud to partner with the Hunter TAFE Alumni Association to add further value to the learning experience. Our local knowledge ensures that we understand the job market in the Hunter region and we have a range of clients from various industries who engage us to identify experienced, qualified people to join their team.

This page is designed specifically for Hunter TAFE Alumni and includes a number of valuable resources to assist you in your next career move.

We also encourage you to check out our Candidates page to learn a little bit more about how we work and to subscribe to our blog Fuser News.

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